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DocBlaster platform advantages…


DocBlaster works with natural language text to minimise operator training, automatically transforming it to Web apps or forms for filling and signing online, then calculates /converts the display to keep forever as PDF documents….

How does it work? Underscores “____________” in your communication are converted by DocBlaster into a text field in a web page. Square brackets “[ ]”convert to check boxes, a series of brackets “( ) Choice 1 ( ) Choice 2…” convert to radio buttons, etc. Simple!

No apps or plug-ins to install and learn for senders, receivers or publishers.



Use DocBlaster to push links to forms for filling or signing via SMS – where the onus of legibility on people’s smart-phones could be on you.

Link long documents to SMS or social media without forcing people to download the lot – speed access with only what interests them.


DocBlaster utilises your existing email so there’s no extra usernames to set up and no additional passwords to remember.

Best of all, other people don’t have to create yet another username and remember an extra password to simply read, fill or sign your communications.

Designed for friction-free on-ramping of people into your organisation, plus internal and external communications – DocBlaster will do it all or just fill in the gaps.


DocBlaster can reformat information including form elements to make it more readable on people’s devices – even small smart-phones.

No fine print greatly reduces zooming and panning, which may reduce confusion and increase understanding.

Where space is very limited, entering information can be easier and better with DocBlaster than ordinary Web pages.


Ensure the right people get their information quickly – copies of completed forms may be sent to multiple recipients, while raw data is available for other business systems to use.


Let people check their answers or sign/check things off as they go, for clearer understandings.

DocBlaster doesn’t bore people by repeating everything entered at the end, or just attaching it to the end.


Obtain people’s consent to non-standard or customised agreements easily – while DocBlaster keeps everyone on the same page with easily accessible exact copies.

Automatically record people’s choices and future changes in human-readable PDFs synchronised with IT data feeds, yet still independently retrievable.

Simply place check boxes or radio buttons (options) anywhere in your communication using natural language: Such as including braces [ ] for check boxes or brackets ( ) next to each option.


Increase affinity with people by acquiring real signatures not fake facsimiles.

Capture people’s long signatures to short initials – DocBlaster understands one size doesn’t fit all.

Have people sign anywhere in your communication or multiple times as you see fit.Simply place signature or initial placeholders anywhere in your communication using natural language: Such as including Signed:____________ or just /__________/ to trigger a special (JavaScript) signature panel made to suit.


DocBlaster doesn’t lock people into proprietary form-builders or printer-unfriendly outputs – so blank or completed communications can be always be printed out where IT is unavailable or inappropriate.

Optionally, people can save to PDF and print at any time for pen-and-ink signing or third-party review.

Please consider the environment when printing. With DocBlaster, printing should be a last resort.


Easily create interactive correspondence for different people’s devices & eyesight using natural language in ordinary text.

DocBlaster will allow people to sign or draw in-browser with whatever they’re using – especially mobile devices.

Keep copies of browser display forever – browser display is permanently saved in PDF documents.

Access and re-use information using standard interchange protocols & formats – JSON, CSV, etc.


People get exact copies of what was in the recipient’s Web browser, not an IT reconstruction of what people were supposed to see.

The exact copies are bound by DocBlaster into the final PDF and a digital fingerprint could be block-chain recorded too.


No code runs directly on people’s devices for better security – it’s all on DocBlaster servers or in-browser.

DocBlaster records exact copies without spyware. Information that people fill in is sent to DocBlaster servers for placement. People then approve an exact copy of the finished composition sent to them from the DocBlaster server.

Senders’ and receivers’ address books are safe!


DocBlaster’s server-side rendering means no device font problems and consistent layout for people.

Hyperlink functionality is maintained from authors’ documents to Web recipients to PDF records.


Being email / web based ensures high compatibility Between DocBlaster and people’s existing tools & services.

Enhances normal business processes while providing JSON or CSV information corresponding to people’s independently-recorded user selections.

Because your data is your data – will do PDF, JSON, CSV, Web Hooks, REST, etc.


The flow of natural language input using ordinary text editors, interactive Web apps for recipients, plus recording interactions to PDF, avoids reinventing the IT wheel.

So people don’t have to install anything, and thanks to DocBlaster, will continue using the programs they already know.



DocBlaster will be deployed as a low-cost public service for community and business people.

It’s also deployable in the private cloud (your own AWS account) or on -premises for enhanced protection.

DocBlaster services can be suitably located in any part of the network, from the centre to the edge and can run on Linux, Windows or Mac.



People deserve privacy, so every document submitted with people’s data that we prepare or add information to will be processed in its own container that is destroyed when the work is done.

DocBlaster leverages many of Amazon Web Services’ security features plus adds our own.

Documents are stored in encrypted form or you may elect that we don’t store your documents.


People depend on their documents so we leverage Amazon Web Services across multiple availability zones.

DocBlaster services many of people’s requests with micro-services, and will scale up automatically for maximum reliability.


No one gets left behind…

For Big IT said: “Go paperless with online forms for speed and organization and all will be well”. But the people wanted LESS. They didn’t want to learn new tools, remember another login, ask others to install something, read big pages on little screens, or share data with unknown hosts. “Paperless”, the people said, “shouldn’t mean ‘techie'”.

DocBlaster is for people who don’t have time to mess around. For people willing to pay less not more. We’re mindful of all people of all eyesights.

It’s a new platform that works the web and email differently – unifying them for people.

So here’s a sneak peak of our vision, and what we’re piloting to make the paperless dream come true – for people!


Aiming high for people

Important disclaimer: This page & video contains forward-looking and aspirational statements. Please contact DocBlaster for more information.

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