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DocBlaster Pty Ltd creates ground-breaking new software/services to solve common end-user problems through original research and development.

The DocBlaster business corpratised in 2017 (into DocBlaster Pty. Ltd. A.B.N. 45 616 534 724) but since 2014 has developed unique Web-based people-oriented document processing, presentation and management. The company is headed up by founder Eric Wilson, and is staffed by his three sons Daniel Wilson (project leader), Andrew Wilson (digital media) and Aaron Wilson (test engineer & system admin).

DocBlaster is focused on four main offerings:

  • DocBlaster CostEmate – “world’s best online estimate service”
  • DocBlaster Legal Bindings – “strongest electronic forms ever”
  • DocBlaster Inclusion Apps – “easiest mini-Web-apps for all”
  • DocBlaster Web Postie –  “surest most-powerful eLetters”

The company is closely held and Australian owned.

Last updated 17 May 2021