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DocBlaster enhances natural business language cost/savings estimators & questionnaire-based eligibility reports.

BENLOCH, Victoria, Australia, 26 November 2020 – DocBlaster, the online platform empowering ordinary people to create apps and forms without special tools or help – today announced enhancements to its natural business language cost & savings estimator, plus expanded use cases.

More powerful apps made with natural business language expands the possibilities for micro, small and medium business units who until now, were unable to economically automate their business processes” says Eric Wilson, DocBlaster’s founder. While product marketing for decades has used online stores linked to inventory and distribution, service-based industries need greater flexibility by dealing with customers using a question/answer approach. DocBlaster automates this, aiming to both increase operational efficiency and support business growth.”

The new natural business language automation capabilities improve DocBlaster’s unique question/answer technology to allow:

  • Mandatory product codes to be included in every estimate/report

  • Line items with a calculated price based on the previous price

  • Total over-rides with a specific value, or adjustments/amendments using calculations based on the Total’s value

  • “Aside values” based on the Total value, without altering the Total value.

  • End user questionnaire responses can now have quantities automatically attached (e.g. ProdCode x 10) and/or

  • Multiple product codes can be associated with a single interface element selection.

  • Improved end-user experience, with automatic page navigation, more responsive rendering, plus mandatory multi-page radio buttons.

The new features allow estimates or reports to include things like global or line item tax, premiums or discounts, plus propose payment schedules. As before, multi-factor end-user choices and inputs are automatically matched with product and service components to create comprehensive automaic cost or savings estimates or reports for end-users, while capturing accurate information for business, with a choice of followup options.

All this is achieved without breaking the online service’s natural language of business – customer choice questions, product and service component lists, and customer report templates made in ordinary office software – to create Web apps in minutes for those who want to do-it-themselves. However many micro and small business people prefer someone else to create customised apps for them, which DocBlaster makes affordable, dispensing with custom programming to achieve low-risk business automation success. And by providing for the entire information cycle – data to Web inputs to PDF reports to data again – organisations can have easy access to their information.

DocBlaster provides an ideal entry-level business process service to automate micro, small and medium business units perhaps for their first time, to become more efficient and expand their operations, says Daniel Wilson, the Company’s project leader. “Not only does this improve quotation or sales strike rates through better qualified leads, but natural business language encoding of business processes allows non-experts to handle initial inquiries, releasing the higher-level expertise for business growth.”

DocBlaster’s latest capabilities allow its custom “Costemators” to produce better costs/savings estimates for business, plus now certificates of eligibility, vouchers or other questionnaire-based reports for other organisations. Its unique zero-installation public-facing user interface is demonstrating success with all age groups on touch screens of all sizes.


The DocBlaster business corpratised in 2017 (DocBlaster Pty. Ltd. A.B.N. 45 616 534 724) and develops unique people-oriented document processing, presentation and management. The technology is covered by patents pending, and ongoing research and development. For more information contact:

Eric Wilson,