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DocBlaster goes live with user-created cost and savings apps

DocBlaster goes live with user-created cost and savings apps

BENLOCH, Victoria, Australia, 3 March 2020 – DocBlaster, the online platform empowering ordinary people to create apps and forms without special tools or help – announced public availability of its natural business language cost & savings estimator.

Now business consultants, managers and office workers can create full-blown cost or savings apps to distinguish those ‘only looking’ from ready-buyers and greatly improve their strike rates” says Eric Wilson, DocBlaster’s founder. This also creates deep engagement with customers for a fraction of the cost of taking a phone call. Online estimators also allow businesses to gain highly qualified prospects on mutually convenient terms.”

The online service combines the natural language of business – customer choice questions, product and service component lists, and customer report templates – to create Web apps in minutes. Multi-factor end-user choices and inputs are automatically matched with product and service components to create comprehensive cost or savings estimates for customers, with a choice of followup options.

Today people expect 24×7 service not just online ads, says Daniel Wilson, the company’s project leader. And by setting expectations and gaining customer requirements up front, we have seen a dramatic increase in quotations speed and strike rate.”

Until now, traditional IT methods have proven too inflexible, too expensive and too risky for small to medium business units desiring to engage customers with their own cost or savings estimators. However with DocBlaster, detailed cost or savings estimators can be custom-created just by emailing the questions end users must answer to the service, with a component price list (e.g. done in a spreadsheet) and report template (e.g. written in a processor) attached. A few minutes later, customers can access the resulting Web app without any installation.

One of the most powerful things we’ve seen is when an office worker updates the app themselves with ordinary email, spreadsheet or word-processor programs – the natural language of business says Eric Wilson. So DocBlaster is bringing cost and savings estimation app development to the masses, putting managers back in charge of the process. And this is only the beginning.”

DocBlaster’s cost/savings estimator may be suitable for any product and/or service whose components can be combined in different ways. It can be used to estimate both custom product creation and installation, and services involving time and materials – much faster and for a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.


The DocBlaster business corpratised in 2017 (DocBlaster Pty. Ltd. A.B.N. 45 616 534 724) develops unique people-oriented document processing, presentation and management. The technology is covered by patents pending, and ongoing research and development. For more information contact:

Eric Wilson,




Updated 17 March 2020
Corporate details updated 26 November 2020