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DocBlaster releases updated roadmap

BENLOCH, Victoria, Australia, 27 November 2018DocBlaster, a new information technology platform combining email / SMS, web and PDF together to empower ordinary people, made its updated services roadmap available on its Pilot Information Site today. The roadmap outlines how DocBlaster will enable people to more-flexibly create interactive Web presentations through natural language analysis of their ordinary emails or documents – including for signing online using e-signatures via links sent over SMS to mobile devices. The updated roadmap also shows how in future, the Company plans to allow additional automation paths and easy adaption to individual use-cases without entrapping people’s information.

DocBlaster won’t be just a brilliant email-to-SMS-to-Web-to-PDF point solution,” says Eric Wilson, founder and managing director. “Our updated roadmap proves from the very beginning the platform has been designed to empower end users so their data is in fact their data, with multiple output vectors. While this may not seem so important to people initially, you don’t really own your own operation unless you own your own data. So our roadmap shows how we envisage DocBlaster could be adapted by organisations for strategic advantage – such as using Web hooks, REST APIs or email for example – not just a race-to-the-bottom for efficiency gains alone, like most others are doing.”

The Pilot Information Site explains how DocBlaster will empower people to create their own online forms just as they would paper forms using natural language, however the same technology may well prove useful in other areas, such as secure commercial online publishing. This is because traditional Web technologies were never designed from the ground-up for ordinary people to use, or interact with mobile devices, nor with the entire information life-cycle in mind – spanning multi-purpose information creation, capture, distribution, reuse and archive. DocBlaster seeks to orchestrate all these, and make them accessible at any point using open-standards protocols, both as an all-in-one platform and to fill gaps within information ecosystems.

Our updated roadmap shows even more how DocBlaster doesn’t seek to entrap people’s data but release it,” says Daniel Wilson, DocBlaster’s project leader. “Although there will be very attractive things about DocBlaster making it stick, these will be in what we actually do better, not in taking advantage of people.”

To underpin these goals, the Company is creating a digital nervous system to securely filter and transmit realtime status data for customer use concerning online material in relation to information originators/publishers, distributors and readers in a multi-role community. By recognizing email systems as an existing means of trust and registration, subscriptions to information – such as lists of forms or promotions – may be unobtrusively arranged without invading privacy or organizational security. All this may be tied together by information processing scripts – including those generated via point-and-click / form-filling, to support advertising and promotional activities. The updated roadmap provides guidance on how the company intends to deploy this as software-as-a-service, with appliance (e.g. rented hardware/software) deployments also possible.

A video available on the Pilot Information Site further outlines DocBlaster’s vision. Subject to further development, testing and pilot studies, DocBlaster will become generally available as a public offering in 2019.


The DocBlaster business corpratised in 2017 (DocBlaster Pty. Ltd. A.B.N. 45 616 534 724) develops unique people-oriented document processing, presentation and management. For more information contact:

Eric Wilson,

Click here to view the DocBlaster Roadmap web page.