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Job Concentration master dealership as patent program bears fruit

BENLOCH Victoria, Australia, 24 August 2022 – DocBlaster today revealed it has entered into an exclusive arrangement to deal in Job Concentration technology, designed to facilitate enterprise serverless computing to reduce costs and IT management overheads. Sponsored by DocBlaster to assist its document processing operations, Job Concentration may also significantly cut costs and simplify cloud administration – including for smaller-scale high-security enterprise data centers.

“Our modelling shows potential to both reduce wait-times for time-critical processes while requiring significantly less server resource usage, under varying workloads,” says DocBlaster founder and technologist Eric Wilson. “This could allow enterprises to save by concentrating processes into fewer on-demand virtual machines for realtime processing. Job Concentration may thus also assist AI model execution, media encoding/decoding, encryption and compression jobs.”

Job concentration is designed to replace conventional load balancing by matching jobs to virtual machines, according to their available processor cores, also taking into account when a virtual machine was started. This is intended to reduce the inefficiency of having jobs dispersed throughout a virtual computing environment using unintelligent aggregate performance metrics and preset ratios or timetables, which may keep under-utilized capacity online for longer than required. Job concentration is also designed to cycle applications through a population of virtual machines – with classes of virtual machines which have been running the longest being shut down first – keeping data processing updated and refreshed. This is designed to reduce the complexity and cost of managing virtual computing environments.

“Depending on the types of workloads involved, our modelling suggests scope to reduce compute costs by up to 30% compared to traditional load-balancing between virtual machines” says DocBlaster project leader Daniel Wilson. “The beauty is existing applications need not be modified to benefit from Job Concentration, which brings job-aware intelligence to virtual computing.”

The technology is covered by US 11,204,810 & GB 2558063 patents. DocBlaster intends to provide these for broader IT industry use, since potential use-cases extend far beyond the company’s field of document processing. A report on DocBlaster’s Job Concentration simulations is available, and a server overload simulation video indicating Job Concentration performance can be nevertheless still acceptable to users can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/712742003.


The DocBlaster business corpratised in 2017 (DocBlaster Pty. Ltd. A.B.N. 45 616 534 724) and develops unique people-oriented document processing, presentation and management. The technology is covered by patents pending, and ongoing research and development. For more information contact:

Eric Wilson,