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For a brief description see the original DocBlaster releases updated roadmap announcement.
Q. When will the DocBlaster platform be completed according to the roadmap?
A. The DocBlaster roadmap is subject to change and indicative only. That said, we are bringing major elements to market in 2020.
Q. If I can create real Web apps with DocBlaster is it a programming tool?
A. Not really. DocBlaster is designed to empower everyone including ordinary and power users, requiring no coding. DocBlaster is document-centric while programing tools focus on code constructs/objects. However the platform will play very nicely with virtually any modern development tool or platform using its WebHooks, REST API and email interfaces.
Q. Will I be able to export data out of DocBlaster?
A. All data captured in DocBlaster forms may be kept by DocBlaster and/or exported as exact copies of what was shown in users’ browsers and/or in data formats such as JSON, CSV etc.
Q. What will DocBlaster do with CSV and JSON inputs?
A. Things like merging data into other input documents (like a mail merge) to create many personalised documents for example.
Q. What is the bock chain for?
A. We intend to offer the use of blockchains to immutably record digital fingerprints of information to allow the authoritative tamper-proof verification of documents. This involves no loss of confidentiality to end users.
Please direct further questions to ask@docblaster.com

Last updated 2020-Mar-06 12:01AM AEST